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                 Would Like to take this opportunity to introduce my wifes company. My name is Charles Pierce (Uncle Chuck). My wifes name is Lori Pierce. I assist her due to the fact I know a little more about 3D printers, because I have been involved in 3D printing since 2012. I will give a little background for me (Chuck). I was born in 1946 in Oklahoma. My father, mother and uncles were migrant workers. We would pick Cotton, Fruit and Vegetables during the harvesting season and my father would be an automotive mechanic during the off season. I know that sounds a little strange, but that was my life as a kid. In 1963 I joined the US Marines and ended up in VietNam in 1965 and 1966. Since then I have been involved in automotive mechanics and aircraft Welding. In the 1980’s I built race cars end was a commercial electrician and estimator. Lori has a background in accounting with a BA from USC. Thanks to all our customers for helping a mom and pop company supplement our Social Security in a time when Large Corporations run the country.